jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

A true story...

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, even when you are celebrating a nice vacation in a hot tropical beach resort. This is exactly what happened to John during his vacation in Mexico. Having fun at night with friends, after been drinking beers and beers John and his friends decided to go back to the hotel. They had enjoyed a terrific night at one of the local disco´s and found it was time to get back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Fate however decided differently. In a jolly mood the friends took the decision to jump in the hotel swimming pool just before going to bed. As we all know it is forbidden to use the pool at night but as there was no hotel staff around they thought it´d be fun. It would be just one jump after all! A great way to end the night they thought. John, who was seriously drunk at that time was definitely in for a quick refreshing jump. Making jokes and taking off his shirt the idea was to run and jump into the pool. However just before he wanted to jump he slipped and banged his head onto the side of the pool. It was an enormous smack. With blood pouring into the pool it was clear it had seriously gone wrong.

The friends had to drag John out of the pool and as he was unconscious the friends feared for the worst. Hotel medical staff was alarmed and it was clear John had to be transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Due to the distance and possible severity of the injury transport by ground ambulance was no option. Time was not on their hand.

As you can imagine John´s friends were hysterical but as soon as the Jet Rescue Air Ambulance staff arrived they were calmed down. If there is one thing you need when an accident takes place is somebody offering calm, relaxed conversation and re-assurance and that is exactly what the Jet Rescue Air Ambulance staff offered John`s friends.

John was flown to the nearest hospital and treated according to his injury. A head injury was diagnosed but luckily John was capable to recover a 100% over time. He was lucky to say the least. Pool accidents happen quite too often with devastating results such as brain damage or being paralyzed. The speedy response from both the Hotel staff and air ambulance service were vital in saving John´s life and both John and friends were ever so grateful to the hotel staff, Jet Rescue Air Ambulance service and the superb hospital staff that received John.

This story just shows that an accident can happen anywhere and at any time of day or night. Take appropriate measurements when going on vacation and be prepared for the worst; even though the chances of accidents are extremely low.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance – 877 704 8396

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